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Eyelid Surgery


Blepharoplasty is the operation for correction of aging changes in the upper or lower eyelids. Innovation in lower blepharoplasty surgery allows removal of the bulging fat in the lower lid via an internal incision. This may totally eliminate any visible scar on the lower lid area in the younger patient and greatly reduces the common stigma of blepharoplasty, the sagging lower lid, in all ages.

Forehead Lift


Forehead or fronto-temporal lift restores the youthful appearance of the brows and forehead. This is manifested by a return of the eyebrows to their former more youthful position and elimination of the furrowing of the brow and mid forehead. Incisions are camouflaged either totally within the scalp or at the hairline. Hair loss or alteration of the hair pattern is avoided. In males with receding hairlines, multiple incisions paralleling the natural forehead creases are utilized allowing similar improvement.


No other aging face procedures have the capability for relieving the tired, sad, or sometime angry look as does forehead lift combined with blepharoplasty. The upper face is the most expressive and first noticed area when meeting others and first to show the signs of aging. Therefore, the brow and eyelid are the logical place to begin most facial rejuvenation.

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