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Facelift Before and After Photos



A Facelift is performed to lessen the changes seen in the aging cheek and neck and thus would be better termed a cheek/neck lift. These procedures may be combined with implants to improve the cheek and chin areas as well as direct reduction of the fat pad beneath the chin. The sagging muscle bands in the front portion of the neck are also corrected. The most recent innovation termed the “deep plane facelift” has revolutionized the quality of this procedure. By releasing and repositioning of the cheek fat pad, the middle third of the face can be rejuvenated as never before. This for the first time not only provides consistent correction of the cheek lip fold but also gives a natural appearance to the jowl area, thus allowing the surgeon to bring the upper, middle and lower thirds of the face into ideal balance.


The goal of the operation is to soften the folds and tighten the tissues of the cheek and neck. The fine wrinkles are not removed but may be lessened by a variety of chemical peels performed either at the time of surgery or six weeks later depending upon the area involved. Afterwards the patient should have a rested, more youthful appearance, not an “operated look”. The amount of improvement obtainable depends upon several factors including age, general health, and the amount of cigarette and / or alcohol use, facial shape, skin type, prior sun exposure, and heredity. A good result utilizing the above noted technical improvements can consistently set the clock back fifteen to twenty years with a much more balanced, natural look.

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