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Nasal Surgery Photos - Before and After

Chin & Nose Surgery

Rhinoplasty (Nasal Surgery) is performed as outpatient surgery under either general or local “standby” anesthesia. This procedure may be easily coupled with surgical correction of sinus disease (endoscopic sinus surgery). Technical advances in rhinoplasty have eliminated the need for packing, greatly reducing post operative discomfort and swelling. At one week, many of the women and younger patients have virtually no visible signs of surgery!


Rhinoplasty has undergone a quantum leap evolution with the introduction of the open approach. This approach allows precise alteration of the cartilage and bone of the external nose in combination with the placement of sculptured cartilage grafts. Precise positioning of these sculptured grafts makes possible correction of previously insoluble problems, especially in noses that have had prior unsuccessful operations or severe injury. Also by utilizing fewer incisions, the amount of post-operative swelling is lessened.

Equally of importance with bringing the nasal proportions into harmony is the correction, when necessary, of the profile in the presence of a deficiently projecting chin. My preference is a custom prepared soft implant of surgical mesh which creates an effect which is not only invisible to the observer but is also imperceptible to the patient’s touch. The details of this procedure will be explained in consultation.


The final appearance should be a natural one with attention to proportion rather than overall size. Attempting to make a small nose larger or a large one smaller often results in unacceptable compromises in function as well as appearance. In cases of functional airway obstruction, recurring sinusitis, injury, or unsatisfactory prior surgery, insurance may cover a portion of the costs of correction.

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